Ethan E Heidlebaugh

A native to Minneapolis, Ethan was born in 1977 and introduced to art by his father who encouraged his creative talents. He started drawing as a small child and began his career by selling his art at local street fairs and coffee shops throughout the 1990’s. Completely self-taught with no formal training, Ethan’s art is distinctively his own and is highly recognizable. Using various mediums, his work includes paintings, drawings, and murals. Ethan’s art has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Twin Cities area since 1995. Living in Minneapolis, he is currently working on a collection of ink drawings with pen, ink, and watercolor on 30x22 inch paper. This collection is inspired by his original black and white ink drawings, which evolved after receiving a brain injury from getting hit by a car at age eleven. After he awoke from his coma, he found comfort in escaping into his art world, where he constructed a surreal reality. Spirals and shapes organically appear throughout his work in which he compares to the same patterns found in nature. He refers to his collection of drawings and paintings as “Situations from Other Dimensions.”

“My theme is the subconscious. When things come out of me that I don’t consciously know or remember I have to believe the creative flow tracked it from my subconscious. During my coma, I was trapped in another dimension in my unconscious state where my only reality was that of dream.

When I create art work it feels like I am connected to a great power that flows through me. My creativity pulls image from deep within, unconsciously. Symbols and images I have painted or drawn for years with out knowing the significance consciously has since become recognized. Everything in my art is incorporated with the same organic shapes and spirals that are said to be interwoven with the creation of the universe. It is in the blue print of nature itself.

My greatest escape from this world is in my artwork. I make everything and everybody in my art look as weird as I feel. I want the world to see what I can see through this eye inside of me."

Sadly, Ethan passed away November 14, 2020.